You’re not alone

Space to breathe

Getting through

You’re not alone

Space to breathe

Getting through

Why You Need a Coach

If you’re a creative professional, where do you turn for personal support?

If you’re an entrepreneur, who can help with your individual challenges and development?

Coaching Creative believes people like you, at the very heart of our economy, benefit enormously from executive coaching.

And coaching will be most effective when it’s delivered by people who really get the creative, tech and entrepreneurial sectors. Coaches who have seen it and done it.


It’s a personal development journey, guided by a trained executive coach.

Coaching enables entrepreneurs to thrive and grow – just like their business.

Through guided conversations and deep listening, coaching can help professionals recreate themselves – as they embark on an ever more creative career.

At any stage, coaching gives perspective – and can provide you with the tools to look afresh, building confidence and opportunity.

About You:

You may be growing your business in the technology or creative sectors.

Or perhaps you’re a creative professional looking to build your portfolio, your confidence and your future.

Or you’re just facing challenges as you move into the next phase of your life and don’t want to do it alone.

Coaching Creative enables the releasing of potential, building your own future, your own way.

Supporting your creativity and your business

Laurie’s coaching skills (and all round personability) have helped to me to identify my own behavioural patterns, enabling me to strategize and build effective workflows towards defined goals.

All that – without him being a pain in the arse at all!”

Nick Radcliffe, Raw Studio Design